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- 0 + At the Asset Protection & Elder Law Center, we are committed to representing our clients with integrity, hard work, and highly personal legal counsel. We strive to make sure you understand your options by explaining complex legal matters in real English, not “Legalese.” Then, we work closely with you to design and implement a customized plan to address all of your concerns and help you achieve short and long-term goals.


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- 0 + I help my clients identify what’s important for them, create a business to support their vision then design a structure to support its growth and expansion.My holistic business consultation gives you the 50,000-foot view of your business so you can identify synergy and opportunities that piece-meal compartmentalized solutions cannot rival.


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- 0 + We not only discuss the divorce process, but the strategy to address your specific circumstances. We provide compassionate service to individuals in need of aggressive representation with family law matters.


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